Cardiac Cells

Actual video footage of Cardiomyocytes beating in a cell culture environment.

Neural Stem Cell Centers Cardiac Stem Cell Treatment is a revolutionary approach
and solution to combat Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD’s). We make replenishing
Cardiac Cells possible by offering a first of its kind heart cell treatment to the world.

Cardiac cells contain 95% of Cardiac progenitor cells (Cardiac Stem Cells),and 5% of
Cardiomyocytes (heart muscle cells). This powerful 2-in-1 combination optimizes
treatment outcome by replenishing your heart with both the building blocks (heart stem
cells) and booster (heart muscle cells) of the cardiac system. Cardiac progenitor cells
are able to differentiate into any kind of cells the Cardiac system needs, while cardiomyocytes act as a signaling enhancer of the cellular regeneration process,
contributing to a more efficacious and therapeutic outcome.

Our Cardiac Cells are immune privileged and safe for any recipient. They are highly
viable, and of the highest quality and efficacy. Cardiac cells treatment is non-invasive,
and only requires a simple intravenous administration. It brings hope to those who
suffer from Cardiovascular disease(CVD) or heart function that’s been damaged or
compromised due to medical events. Cardiac cells treatment is also beneficial for those
with a family history of heart diseases, and who would like to be proactive and take
preventive measures in the early stage of illness or before symptoms occur.