Umbilical Cord Tissue derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells

UCT-MSC’s are pure Umbilical Cord Tissue derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells. Sourced from carefully screened and selected donors that have met certain criterias to maximize cell count, viability and efficacy. With amazing healing and therapeutic qualities, UCT-MSC’s are able to regenerate cellular growth and promote rejuvenation of the body via various administration methods.
Actual Image of UCT-MSC’s.
Post thaw viability of our UCT-MSC’s is at an average of 95%, which considerably surpasses the gold standard of the industry, 85% . With this astounding post thaw viability, you are getting/our patients get 10%-15% more cells in the same amount of product which can reduce cost while increasing effectiveness.
Actual Image of UCT-MSC’s.

Effectiveness is enhanced through the anti-inflammatory and health properties of mesenchymal stem cells. UCT-MSC’s treatment is beneficial for a wide range of diseases including auto-immune, neuropathy, inflammatory conditions, chronic pain and more. It can also be used after a procedure of surgery to enhance recovery rate and outcome.