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Neural Stem Cells, the stem cells of the nervous system, are the building blocks, and nutrient supplies of the nervous system from the spine to the brain. They are the very foundations of all the brain cells.

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UCT-MSC’s are pure Umbilical Cord Tissue derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells. They have strong anti-inflammatory properties and are multipotent. UCT-MSC’s are capable of differentiating into heart muscle cells, bone cells, cartilage cells, skeleta; muscle cells, liver cells and more.

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We are the only place in the world where NSC’s treatments are commercially available for humans. They are scientifically proven to have successfully differentiated into neurons, confirming their differentiation capability and efficacy.


First, we ethically source our UCT-MSC’s from carefully selected donors of umbilical cord tissues who go through a rigorous screening process. Second, our proprietary techniques for expanding cells have the highest cell count, viability and efficacy of any other source. Once thawed, their viability is an average of 98%, which well surpass the gold standard in the industry, 85%.

Cardiac Cells

We are the only place in the world where cardiac progenitor cells and cardiomyocyte treatment is commercially available for humans. Cardiac Cells contain 95% of cardiac progenitor cells(cardiac stem cells), and 5% of Cardiomyocytes (heart muscle cells). 

This cutting edge formula optimizes therapeutic outcome by boosting the cardiac system with its own stem cells (cardiac progenitor cells) and heart muscle cells(cardiomyocytes). Cardiac stem cells can differentiate into any kind of cells that the heart needs, while cardiomyocytes enhance the cellular regeneration process, contributing to a more efficacious outcome.


NSC’s are the stem cells of the nervous system, the very foundation of all neurons and brain cells; MSCs are multipotent stem cells that can differentiate into a variety of cell types, including cardiomyocytes, bone cells, cartilage cells , skeletal muscle cells, liver cells and more.  

Boosting the body with brand new NSC’s will activate regeneration and repair the central and peripheral nervous system, while replenishing MSC’s can be beneficial for inflammatory conditions, autoimmune diseases, chronic pain, systemic cellular regeneration, and more.

In conclusion, NSC’s and MSC’s serve different purposes for different conditions, and the combined use of both could enhance treatment outcome depending on the circumstances. Both of them are suitable for systemic anti-aging and preventative care.

The culturing process of 2D and 3D cells determines the differences between their characteristics. 

For example, when 2D cells are administered intravenously, as they go through the blood flow throughout the body, they are able to immediately adhere onto surfaces more easily along the way. And they travel slower due to their sizes. 

3D cells, on the other hand,  travel at a faster rate in general due to their initial non-adherent nature. However, 24-48 hours after they enter the body, their adherent capability arises. Also, because 3D cells are smaller, they are also able to travel to more places that 2D cells won’t be able to reach.


2D and 3D cells both have unique characteristics and strengths that present different healing capabilities. When both cells first enter the body, their travel speed is almost similar despite the difference in sizes. As they travel throughout different parts of the body, of which have different sizes of veins, 3D cells travel faster and adhere less than that of the 2D cells. 

When it comes to combating any diseases related to lung, pancreatic, liver and muscle, 2D cells are ideal as once they adhere to the problematic/injured/damaged areas, cell communication and cell signaling are drastically enhanced. 2D cells can go through the blood vessels, and migrate between tissues in the body, thereby directly resetting inflammatory diseases in the immune system. Additionally, they are aware of directions , which allows them to travel and arrive at targeted areas more efficiently.  

For 3D cells, because their adherence on surfaces is limited to none within the first 24-48 hours, it gives them the opportunity to travel systematically on a more comprehensive and thorough level, hence why they are able to ‘cover more ground’.  When the time comes, they are more spread out inside the body to perform cellular regeneration and other healing functionalities. For intramuscular and intranasal administration, 3D cells are a more ideal option. 

Furthermore, when both cells enter the body as the strong and powerful ‘newbies’, as they travel through, they constantly communicate with cells that are pre-existed, and the latter would let the new cells know where in the body needs repair and their presence the most. They will then travel to and focus on those areas as they are programmed to heal.     

About Treatment

For neural stem cell treatment, please expect and be prepared to stay in town for 4 days excluding travel days. One day and four days mesenchymal stem cell treatment is available.

If you have any conditions, diseases or injuries that have damaged the nervous system, or circumstantial factors, such as long term and extreme stress, family medical history, drug use or more, that could lead to damages or faster than normal rate of degeneration in the nervous system, Neural Stem Cells treatment will be the most ideal option for you.

If you are looking for a solution to treat inflammatory conditions, autoimmune diseases, post cancer or covid treatment, chronic pain and more, MSC’s treatment is the right choice for you.

There is a qualifying process to see if you are a suitable candidate for treatment. Please email for the qualifying questionnaire.

Intrathecal administration means the introduction of a therapeutic substance by injection into the subarachnoid space of the spinal cord. It allows direct drug administration to CSF(Cerebrospinal fluid/spinal cord fluid), and bypasses the blood-brain barrier.

Administering NSC’s intrathecally allows direct delivery of the cells to the nervous system. Being able to bypass the blood-brain barrier, which acts as a filter and guard against any harmful and foregin substances to enter the nervous system, maximizes the outcome of the treatment, which no other administration method could achieve. 

Your safety will always be our top priority. Our procedure room meets hygienic standards of a surgery room. Our providers are experienced and very familiar with intrathecal procedures, and always follow excellent practice measures and protocols.

Avoid inflammatory substances or food such as alcohol, steroids, NSAIDS and sugar. 

About Starting Treatment

Simply submit a message on our website, or call us at +1 9282326568 to speak with one of our associates, and we will schedule a consultation for you.

If you’d like to move forward after the consultation, please call or email us back with your availability for appointments. We will then send you a detailed intake form to fill out. Once you complete the intake form and send it back, a formal treatment proposal with appointment dates you requested will be sent to you along with instructions to remit payment for deposit. Appointments are confirmed after the deposit is remitted, and an information packet will be provided after the appointments are scheduled.

Due to our high volume inquiries, as well as frequent and rapid changes in our cell’s products inventory, we required half of the value of treatment as the deposit to secure the time slots of your appointment and allocate the designated amount of cells for your treatment. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

We understand life happens. At least 2 weeks prior to your first appointment date is required in order for us to process a refund. A $500 cancellation fee will be applied. If you fail to cancel your appointment 2 weeks prior or no show, we will NOT be able to give you a refund. However, we are flexible and reschedule is also welcomed.

If you need to cancel or reschedule, you can reach us by
Telephone: +1(928) 232 6568
Whatsapp: +506 7181 2888 or scan this barcode.