Why us?

Why NSCs treatment by Neural Stem Cell Centers?

Our Team and Approaches

We take pride in providing the best quality of cells and revolutionary treatment protocol for our patients. It is our mission to optimize your treatment outcome with the combination of both top notch cells, and science-based decisions making throughout your journey with us.

The Quality and Efficacy of NSC's

The quality and efficacy of our cells are at the very core of our patients care and treatments approach. Not only is the production process of NSC’s safe and ethical, the combined use of cutting-edged sciences, the most advanced biotechnologies, innovative protocols and processes, as well as cGMP standards during sourcing, culturing and harvesting of the cells ensure the highest cell count and quality possible of our NSC’s. Cells are sent to a highly respected and recognized third party laboratory for testing prior to clinical application.

Science-based and First-of-its-kind Treatment Protocol

Boosting the body with brand new NSC’s will activate regeneration and repair in the nervous system. To maximize the outcome of NSC’s treatment, our team of providers collaborate with experts in the clinical application and research field of regenerative medicine to come up with the sciences-based and first-of-of-its-kind treatment protocol.

Our basic NSC’s treatment protocol suggests a minimum of 100 million of NSC’s given intrathecally, and 100 million of Umbilical Cord Tissue derived Mesenchymal Cells ( UCT-MSC’s), given intravenously. Both cells are of high quality and viable. The purpose of a dose of UCT-MSC’s is to ensure regional and/or systemic arrival of the cells, by which allow the completion of their biological performances in order to achieve therapeutic outcomes. 

The Exclusivity and Accessibility

Although studies, experiments and clinical trials of cell therapy have been conducted for decades, and ample evidence arises to indicate the amazing healing and therapeutic potentials that cell therapy might hold, the practical application and availability of a high volume of high-quality cell therapy to the public is very limited.
Our NSC’s treatment not only makes replenishing Neural Stem Cells in your body a dream come true, the exclusivity of NSC’s treatment, as well as the accessibility to this specific type of cell therapy is the first of its kind in the whole world.