Our Protocols

Thorough assessment for each patient.

At Neural Stem Cells Centers, we truly understand each patient is different. Our team of providers carefully go over each patient’s detailed intake form, and consider all factors including age, weight, severity of conditions, lifestyle, diets and more, before making the decision of treatment plan.

Science-based, result-oriented decisions made by experts.

With the phenomenal selections of different cell types and the combination of usage among them, our providers always carefully consider the best treatment options for our patients. Not only do we put into consideration what type of cells to use, at which point of the treatment to use them, and what kind of administration method to use for each type of cells, all decisions are made based on scientific evidence and only for the best outcome.

Customed, individualized treatment protocol.

If twins with the exact same condition come to us for treatment, the protocol for each one of them would still be different. Each patient will receive a customized, individualized treatment protocol upon thorough intake assessment and consultation with our providers. We then propose a formal treatment plan, tailoring your very needs. An appointment will then be scheduled upon your review and approval of the treatment plan.